Update on Coronavirus / COVID-19

VSS ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Our priority is to provide the best possible care for your pet.  We need to balance this with trying to provide the best environment for our team to deliver this care and a safe environment for clients. We will continue to modify our operations to suit the changing requirements of public health orders and keep you informed.

Prior to your appointment, please let us know if you are considered a close contact of a COVID positive person, if you are waiting for a COVID test result or if you have any symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 infection and we’ll arrange a way to see your pet that looks after everyone’s needs.

As of 29 December 2021, we will ask clients to check in to our practices using the QLD Check-in app and QR code on arrival. This includes showing proof of vaccination or your medical exemption to enter the building. Our client services team will assist you with this. If you prefer not to share your vaccine information or do not wish to check in to enter the building, please advise our staff and we can arrange a physically distanced ‘curbside’ visit outside the premises or a telephone consultation (although we do need to examine your pet, so they might need to enter the building with a team member). Some of our team members have particular health needs that we are supporting so there may be different arrangements for some individual team members as to how we manage their interaction with clients.

We appreciate your understanding and support of these entry requirements which will help us to minimise the risk of COVID infection in the hospital and, allow us to continue to provide support to the local veterinary community and our clients.

There is detailed information available on the Queensland Government website that explains various aspects of the check-in process including how to download the app, and alternate methods of providing us with relevant information if needed.