Brisbane: 07 3841 7011   Gold Coast: 07 5530 6370

Veterinary Specialists in Brisbane


Veterinary Specialist Services provides the best possible care and facilities available for our patients, owners and referring veterinarians.

Our Veterinary Specialist Services team consists of professional, knowledgeable and experienced specialist veterinarians, nurses and support staff who are all passionate about animals and have a deep understanding of just how important the emotional bond is between you and your pet. We are animal specialists and have qualified animal surgeons on our staff.

When your pet is in hospital, we focus on treating your family like our family.

Phone numbers:

07  3841 7011

Gold Coast: 
07 5530 6370


To deliver the best possible care and facilities
for our patients, their owners, and our referring veterinarians.

Veterinary Specialist Services proudly supports the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, particularly the treatment, care and research of the Australian Koala Community