Our pets are part of our family and our daily lives. They give us friendship, happiness, love, responsibility, connection and a lot of fun. They greet us when we get home, they reduce our stress levels, they help us to play and relax.

We want to look after them, like any member of our family. We want them to be happy, comfortable, energetic and well. We want the BEST for them.

In Australia, our pets have access to excellent health care as good as anywhere in the world.  Your local Veterinarian is the face of this support and care. Veterinary General Practitioners are well trained, experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals that provide day to day preventative medicine, health assessments, and management of a wide range of different illnesses, injuries and problems.

But what do you do when things get more difficult? What if your pet gets REALLY sick or injured?

How do you ensure they have the best diagnosis, the best possible care, the greatest chance for a full recovery, the best possible equipment and the most experienced and well-trained people helping them with the illness or injury they have?

This is where a Veterinary Specialist can help you and your pet.

The Veterinary world mirrors the world of human medicine in many ways. This includes highly skilled Specialists who focus solely on one area of the profession. To become a specialist requires many years of further intensive study and training under leaders in their fields,  rigorous examinations, and dedicated commitment to a specific field. Veterinary Specialists give you the chance to help your pet when your regular vet does not have the experience, equipment or facilities for more complex and difficult situations. They act as an extension of the great care that your vet already gives.

How can VSS help you get your pet the best possible care?

Veterinary Specialist Services is a group of dedicated Specialists from multiple specialities working together, focused on providing your pet with the highest level of care, technology and medical knowledge when they really need it. A team of over 100 people provides exceptional support  24 hours a day in our large hospitals, so you can be certain you are doing the absolute best for your family member.

We work in conjunction with your General Practice Veterinarian, via referral, to ensure the best outcome for you and your pets.

See our full list of our Services and Specialities to help your pet.

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