Veterinary Specialist Services is home to some of the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging modalities in veterinary medicine.

The diagnostic imaging suite includes ultrasound, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, CT scan (Carrara) and MRI (Brisbane).


Both our Brisbane and Gold Coast clinics have dedicated ultrasound machines which give high quality ultrasound images for both dogs and cats. Ultrasound technology is a quick, safe, painless modality which does not involve ionizing radiation. Ultrasound involves the use of high frequency sound waves reflecting off different tissues to make a computer generated image, which our vets interpret in real time.

Our dedicated medical specialists and registrars perform many types of ultrasound studies, including abdominal, thoracic, small parts (thyroid, parathyroid, testicular, tumours) ultrasounds, and musculoskeletal. Our specialist cardiologists perform echocardiography, or real time heart ultrasound evaluations.

Most pets do not require sedation or anaesthesia for a standard ultrasound study, and the procedure can generally be performed the same day as your consultation. Pets must be fasted the day of the ultrasound procedure as the ultrasound beam does not see well through gas or stomach contents. Your pets coat will be clipped to ensure the best diagnostic images possible.


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