Veterinary Nursing Careers Brisbane & Gold Coast

Take your love for animals to work with you every day

A Career Path Based On Your Passion

Animals play a truly special and important part in countless people’s lives. They keep us company, protect us and help to keep us active, and they can be a form of livelihood for many. They give so much to us, and they deserve care and love in return. 

That is where you can come in. 

Having a rewarding and meaningful  job that combines animals’ needs with your dedication and interest in them can bring you endless satisfaction and purpose. Becoming a veterinary nurse is a fantastic career path to take and can fulfill the much sought after desire of having a dream job. Learning opportunities are continuous, every day can be different, and you get to interact with a diverse range of people and animals. 

Why work with VSS?

Veterinary Specialist Services is a small animal vet practice that is dedicated to providing high quality care to our patients, and support and education for their human families. 

We value our staff and appreciate your compassionate nature and commitment as fellow animal lovers. Working with us presents many opportunities for you to expand on your current skill set as a general vet nurse practitioner and specialise in a chosen field. We encourage learning and the advancement of experience and knowledge with extensive guidance and exposure to challenging cases, education, state of the art facilities, and seminars.

Established Specialist Veterinary Practices

Our clinic is part of an Australian service that has several practices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We have been providing care to small animals for over twenty years.

Passionate Teams

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team of veterinary professionals who share a goal to deliver high quality service and continue to better themselves and their abilities.

Supportive Learning Environment

At VSS, we value the desire to develop and expand knowledge and skills. We provide many opportunities for further education and guidance in a safe and friendly setting.

State of the Art Facilities

Working with up to date and cutting edge equipment means that we can deliver fantastic specialised care to our patients. We offer our staff the opportunity to increase their experience and competencies regarding high quality and relevant technology and resources.

Challenging and Rewarding

Being a specialist veterinary practice means that we see a wide variety of patients with needs that require  particular care and facilities. We see patients with acute and chronic conditions and injuries, which creates interesting and diverse consultations and treatment plans.

Providing the Best Possible Care to Pets and their Owners

We are renowned for the care and service we deliver. With excellent resources, passion, experience, and professional development, we are able to diagnose and treat specalised conditions and help to improve animals’ comfort and quality of life.

What we offer our vet nurses

As well as working alongside dedicated, knowledgeable, and kind-hearted staff, and helping pets and their human families, there are many reasons why you will love working at VSS. As part of the team, you will have access to:


  • Discounted veterinary treatments and products for your pet/s. 

  • Free onsite parking. 

  • Regularly provided snacks and drinks on shift.  

  • Well-stocked and equipped staff amenities. 

  • Flexible work schedule - full time, part time, and casual roles are available.

  • Access to a supportive network of like-minded professionals. 

  • Initiatives across the group such as Mental Health First Aid Officers, Employee Assistance Program, regular social events, and a range of other benefits. 

What we are looking for

VSS is excited to expand our team as our service grows. We look forward to getting to know you and finding out if we would be the perfect fit together. For our veterinary nurse positions in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we are seeking staff with the following qualities:

Team Player and Autonomous

It is important that you are capable of working independently while also interacting and collaborating well with the team. 

A Strong Work Ethic

Our clinic can be fast-paced and dynamic. To keep up, you must be diligent, willing to work hard, and able to multitask.

Excellent Communication Skills

As a veterinary nurse, you will interact with the community and a broad range of fellow professionals and practitioners. It is vital that you can communicate effectively and efficiently to continue our high standards of service.

Consistently High Quality Care

Our patients and their families deserve to receive care they can rely on and trust. It can be a difficult and emotional time when in need of veterinary services, so your goal is to support our clients to the best of your ability.

Adaptable to Change and Challenge

We see different cases every day, so it is important you can cope with the demands of this rewarding and ever-shifting position.

Friendly, Easy-going Nature

As a veterinary nurse, you will interact with the community and a broad range of fellow professionals and practitioners. It is vital that you can communicate effectively and efficiently to continue our high standards of service.

Take the next step in your veterinary nursing career

Veterinary Specialist Services have a long history of providing education of a high standard to veterinary nursing students, and continuing their training once qualified to assist them in becoming specialist nurses. We provide an encouraging and supportive environment in which you can further develop your nursing career with exposure to a diverse range of veterinary specialties.  

Available Positions

Afterhours veterinary nurse
Specialist Veterinary Nurse
Veterinary Nurse Underwood
Veterinary Nursing


Kimberley Weir
Anita Parkin



Expression of interest

To express your interest in a position give us a call on07 3841 7011or complete the form below. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss roles with you further.