The Pet Intensive Care Unit (P.I.C.U.) has been specially designed to provide one on one nursing care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our nurses are dedicated to providing the best possible intensive care and ensuring that each pet receives that little extra TLC that they need to help them recover.

Each individual kennel has been fully equipped with heating, padded bedding, oxygen supply and monitoring devices to help support your pet.

State Of The Art Monitoring

P.I.C.U. has the capability to continuously monitor arterial and central venous blood pressure; oxygen saturation; end tidal CO2; ECG and continous temperature.

This is important for our very sick septic or ventilated patients.


Nutrition can be very important to the recovery of critical patients; however it is often these patients that will not, or cannot eat. P.I.C.U. is able to provide nutritional support either by intravenous nutrition or via a feeding tube.

Life Support Ventilation

P.I.C.U. has 2 life support ventilators for those cases in which an animal is having severe breathing problems that do not improve with oxygen therapy alone.

Animals with very severe lung bruising secondary to being hit by a car, animals with severe pneumonia, snake envenomations or tick paralysis are some of the common conditions requiring this intervention.

In-House Laboratory

P.I.C.U. can perform point of care testing including blood glucose, ketone levels, blood gas analysis, packed cell volume, total protein, lactate and coagulation.

P.I.C.U. also has access to the Veterinary Specialist Services in house laboratory as well as all out of house laboratory testing.

Blood Donor Program

Dogs like humans, sometimes need life-saving blood and plasma transfusions. Blood products are a precious resource that have a relatively short shelf life. Therefore we need a steady supply of canine blood donors to maintain our blood bank to help those animals that are recovering from surgery, illness or poisoning.

For more information about our Blood Donor Program please click here.

Blood and Plasma Transfusions

P.I.C.U. has blood products for dogs and cats in the hospital for patients in life threatening situations requiring transfusions. These may be necessary in cases of trauma, bleeding tumours, severe infection or toxicities such as rat poison.

For information on our BLOOD DONOR program, please email us


104 eastlake st


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