What is GapOnly™?

Veterinary Specialist Services is a partner of the GapOnly™ team working to deliver a simpler pet insurance claim experience for both pet owners and veterinary clinics.

In partnership with participating pet insurance providers and vet clinics across Australia, GapOnly™ enables same day claims processing in-clinic, meaning clients can claim on the spot and only pay the gap fee.

Why VSS has joined the GapOnly™ Group:

More and more referring vets are signing up for GapOnly™ to provide their clients a better pet insurance claims experience. In addition, the claims process for these vets is made simpler as the paperwork is carried by GapOnly™ throughout the client's journey.

GapOnly™ vet clinics can expect:

  • Training and onboarding support
  • Clinic details advertised on the GapOnly™ website
  • Marketing collateral and support
  • Vet Helpline support
  • Regular usage reporting

We hope that you will help us make the decision to seek specialist treatment easier for pet owners by reducing their financial burdens.

If you're already using GapOnly™ and need to refer your client, you will have peace of mind knowing their journey will be seamless with VSS.

Visit the GapOnly™ website here to find out more.


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Referring a Patient?

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Have You been Referred?

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