GapOnly Insurance | Veterinary Specialist Services


There are more specialist services than ever before available to treat sick and injured animals, giving your pet a much better chance of full recovery and a better quality of life with chronic illnesses. Sometimes these services can lead to high medical costs when something does go wrong, which is why pet insurance is becoming such a popular choice for pet owners. It means you can afford to provide your beloved pet with the best care available; just as you would do for yourself and the rest of your family.

Almost all pet insurance policies will require you to pay the medical invoice in full after treatment, then claim back the benefit which can leave you out of pocket for days or weeks. This can make specialist treatment an affordability issue for many people, even though they have pet insurance.

Fortunately there has been a change in the industry and now for the first time, pet owners with participating pet insurance will only need to pay an insurance gap via GapOnly™.

The advantage of choosing a vet specialist partnered with GapOnly™ is your insurance claim can be processed onsite and typically within 10 minutes. Once approved, you will only need to pay the difference, or 'gap' between the full invoice and the insured benefit; making specialist services more affordable.

Veterinary Specialist Services is the first Specialist Veterinary Hospital in SE QLD and Northern NSW to offer their clients GapOnly™

With GapOnly™, you can now experience the same convenience that you have enjoyed with your own private health insurance for decades.

If you have pet insurance and your regular vet wants to refer you to a specialist, consider Veterinary Specialist Services and the advantages that GapOnly™ can offer to you.

For more information, please visit GapOnly™ or contact VSS on 1800 442 648. Veterinary Specialist services have specialist hospitals located in Carrara on the Gold Coast; Underwood in Brisbane, Jindalee in West Brisbane and Toowoomba in the Darling Downs.