VSS provides the best possible care to our patients, owners and referring vets


Collecting a urine sample

Management of a closed suction drain

Esophageal tube feeding and management

Formulating food for esophageal feeding

Passive Range of Motion Exercises (PROMS)

Bandage care

Application of a Modified Robert-Jones Dressing

Getting a dog safely in and out of the car

Expressing a bladder

Icing a limb post orthopaedic surgery

Administering a subcutaneous injection

Administering eye medication

Administration of a transdermal medication

Cleaning your pet's eyes

Downloading freestyle information

Home care post abdominal surgery

The use of Meloxicam

Application of a Libre Sensor

Recording a resting respiratory rate

Removal of a light dressing

Removing a fentanyl patch

Sling walking a dog

Administering a pill to your dog

Recording a doppler blood pressure measurement

Understanding Insulin Dosing with Insulin Syringes and Insulin Pens

Post operative care for the orthopaedic patient