Driven by compassionate, gentle and cat-friendly approaches, our feline medicine specialists are dedicated to providing world-class care suitable to the needs of cats. Alongside highly advanced medical and diagnostic equipment, our specialists provide a detailed multi-disciplinary referral service tailored just for cats.

We also have a brand new feline only hospital. A visit to VSS has a seamless transition through to our cat friendly clinic where required. Specialist cat care is provided by our exceptional, cat-crazy staff, who have trained to the highest level to provide the best feline medical care.

Dr. Rachel Korman, one of our feline medicine specialists is head of service. Dr. Korman completed her specialist training at the world renowned feline centre at the University of Bristol, England and is actively involved in furthering feline research and education for vets and owners.

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Feline medicine services in Brisbane

Our internal medicine team and locations

To learn more about our internal medicine team and the locations you'll find them, please visit the pages below:

Cat Specialist Services


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