Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) offers an oncology referral service for patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. Our internal medicine and oncology specialists have decades of experience in the diagnosis, treatment as well as palliative care options for oncology patients.

Our goal is to improve and maintain the quality of life in pets with cancer which is achieved through the use of advanced diagnostics, specialist surgery, chemotherapy and supportive care.

Our ongoing treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. We have experienced support staff and dedicated chemotherapy rooms at all of our hospitals.

Some of the cancers our specialist oncology team can treat

Cancer in dogs and cats can be caused by many factors including environmental factors and genetic factors.

  • Sarcomas: This type of cancer starts in the tissue that supports or surrounds organs, muscle, bone, and fibrous tissue.
  • Carcinomas: This type of cancer is a malignant tumour located in the epidermal layer of the skin.
  • Lymphomas: This cancer affects cells within the immune system.
  • Leukaemias: This type of cancer occurs inside blood-forming tissues and blood cells.
  • Skin cancers: The most common type of skin cancer in dogs is called mast cell tumour.
  • Brain tumours: This type of cancer originates in the brain cells.

As with humans, cancer in dogs and cats can often be treated with surgery and/or chemotherapy.

Our specialist oncology team and locations

You can learn more about our specialist oncology team and the locations you'll find them by visiting the below pages: