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Fulfill a unique receptionist job in the veterinary world.

Provide front of house support to patients and their human families

Have you considered reception work or had experience in a front-of-house position and are looking for something dynamic and different?

Working in our specialist veterinary service as part of our reception team can make for an interesting and rewarding career. A veterinary reception job can allow you to combine your organisational skills and abilities with your love of animals and caring nature. As part of our front-of-house team, you’ll support our veterinary professionals and our clients in an important position that is fundamental to the smooth running of VSS and the improvement of the quality of life of countless small animals.

Veterinary receptionist jobs

Why work with VSS?

Great reputation

VSS has provided the community with high quality, reliable  veterinary services for over twenty years.

Dedicated and committed team

Being part of the VSS team means working alongside friendly and supportive professionals and staff who are passionate about helping animals and their families.

Opportunities for learning

At VSS, we believe our staff deserve the ability to better themselves and their capabilities in a safe and nurturing environment. As part of your veterinary reception job, you will be able to expand your knowledge and skill set with resources and guidance.

What can you expect as part of our veterinary reception team?

We have a large and friendly team of receptionists and front of house administration staff. This group is often the first point of contact for our patients’ owners and referring veterinarians. Subsequently, the vet reception  role is crucial to Veterinary Specialist Service’s mission of delivering the best outcomes for patients, their families, and referring veterinarians and practices. 

A veterinary reception job involves interacting with the community to support our patients as we work towards achieving the best possible outcome. Our patients’ human families have a deep love for their pets and most see them as family members, which means VSS plays an important part in the wellbeing of many small animals and humans. This can bring rewards and challenges for our tight-knit and hardworking team.

What we are looking for

Being a receptionist in a veterinary practice is different from other settings. Adding animals into the mix brings a stimulating and demanding addition to an already complex and multi-layered role. We are excited to expand our receptionist team as VSS grows, and we are looking for people to fill the roles with the following qualities:

Dedication and commitment

VSS is successful because of our team’s passion and hard work. These factors enable us all to provide support and care that is of a consistently high quality.

Initiative and a positive attitude

Due to the dynamic nature of our practice, we require receptionists who are a step ahead of what is needed of them. 

Forward thinking, great organisation skills,  and assertiveness will allow you to carry out this role in an effective, beneficial and rewarding manner


Providing veterinary services is all about being open to change and challenges, and being capable of finding a way to deal with these and achieve the target outcomes.

Take the next step in your veterinary reception career

Being a receptionist is a rewarding and dynamic career, and carrying out this position in a veterinary practice can be uplifting, demanding, and fascinating. If you are looking for an engaging role that incorporates your desire to provide support to animals and people, a veterinary reception job might be perfect for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kimberly Barber
Matt Pescatore
Kaitlyn Robb


Ellie veterinary receptionist
Kym veterinary receptionist
Tracy veterinary receptionist
Anna veterinary receptionist
Cecilia veterinary receptionist

Expression of interest

To express your interest in a position give us a call on 07 3841 7011  or complete the form below. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss roles with you further.




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