Veterinary Receptionist

Anna Profile

Anna is one of our front-of-house veterinary receptionists that you meet when you walk through the Veterinary Specialist Services doors. 

She was previously a receptionist at the Animal Welfare League and an animal attendant at The Rehoming Centre on the Gold Coast, so she has a wealth of experience working with animals and pet owners. 

The role

Her primary role at VSS is one of the front-of-house contact points, where she greets clients and helps pet owners when they arrive for their appointments. The role also involves liaising with our referring vets and clients by phone to ensure a seamless booking process. 

“The role involves many things, but the most challenging aspect for me is understanding which cases may be a priority, especially when the symptoms are possibly neurological.”

Anna uses her own experiences to support clients and patients, “I like to support clients through these processes and especially when times become tough for them, for example, if they need to euthanase their pet. I myself have had to go through this a number of times, so I can sympathise and like to help in any way possible.”

The culture

Anna describes the VSS culture as ‘tight-knit’. “There are so many staff across different departments, but we all understand we are working together towards the same goal which is providing the best veterinary care to our patients.” 

She feels that since working at VSS, her veterinary medical knowledge has broadened due to the wide range of cases that VSS sees.


Anna has three cats, one of whom is blind (or actually eyeless) and two dogs. “I absolutely adore animals, and when I was younger, I had hoped to be a vet. Then I discovered I was too squeamish for that.” 

The VSS team and patients love Anna. She’s always wearing a friendly face when you come through the doors. 

She is known as “Anna from Bears” because she spent a lot of her time at Sea World photographing their bears. If you ask Anna if she loves the VSS team as much as they love her, she would say “not as much as Polar bears!”


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