Head Surgery Nurse Manager

Bridget Profile

Bridgette is our Surgery Nurse Manager and is one of the most incredible nurses we have ever seen in action. She has been with Veterinary Specialist Services for over eight years. 

Her love for animals flows through her veins and is apparent in everything she does, including keeping us all in line to do the absolute best for each patient that comes through the door. 

Bridgette started at VSS with experience as a nurse at Dreamworld Veterinary Clinic and other local general practices in Brisbane. Her initial position was as a rotating veterinary nurse, then she moved to permanent surgical nurse, senior vet nurse and is now our head surgery nurse manager. 

“VSS has provided me with the opportunity to grow my skills vastly as a nurse. I am currently completing my VTS in anesthesia and analgesia. I have also been provided opportunities to develop my public speaking skills via presenting at our VSS conferences and have continued to learn and grow my leadership skills within the management department.”

Bridgette loves teaching and organising staff to work through our busy surgical caseload. Every day she brings her calm leadership, experience and expertise to the junior nurses to help shape their journeys as veterinary nurses. “I especially love complex anaesthesias and teaching our nurses how to manage and problem-shoot these cases so that their anesthesia runs smoothly and safely”. 

The role

As our surgery nurse manager, one of Bridgette’s essential roles is teaching, “I enjoy teaching the nurses how best to provide for our patients and seeing them grow and achieve their own goals as a nurse and as an individual.”

Bridgette also describes teaching as one of the challenging aspects, “Some cases can be deflating or emotional for nurses, and I want to be able to support them so they can learn, grow, but also move on from the difficult cases. We use everything as a supportive learning opportunity.”


The culture

“The VSS culture is all based on a group of people who are passionate about animals and want to provide the best care possible. The team are uplifting of each other when times are difficult and are very supportive of each other.”


Bridge (as she is fondly known) loves to be active and out in the sun. She loves team sports, camping, and a beer by a campfire under the stars. She has a Burmese cat named Tommie, who always tells her how much he loves food and how hungry he is. Bridge admits that he might be a little on the chubby side.


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