Veterinary Receptionist

Ellie Profile

Ellie is one of the friendly faces our pet owners meet when they walk through the VSS doors. 

Like so many of our team, Ellie grew up with animals, and they were a significant part of her personal life and career. She naturally sought out work with animals. Before joining the VSS team, she taught puppy classes, worked in other veterinary practices and pet retailers, and was a stablehand. 

Ellie has a 3-year-old Border Collie named Harley and a cat named Hermione, who she acquired from VSS (that old chestnut!). She describes the fact that she lands herself in positions working around animals as ‘naturally inevitable.”

The role

No one has ever described a front-of-house position in a busy veterinary hospital reception as easy. Clients are naturally emotional and anxious, and Ellie feels the key is to get things running smoothly from the start. 

“If there is miscommunication at the front line, it is like a domino effect. Often we are doing a number of things at one time, like processing insurance claims, answering emergency calls, communicating with our specialists and nurses, as well as checking in with clients and trying to keep things on time.”

“Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan. But I think this is actually the most exciting part for me - you have to think on your feet and problem-solve how to keep things running smoothly. You never know what is going to come through the door and what challenges you might face that day.”

Ellie talks about how the majority of the time, bringing a pet to the vet is not necessarily a pleasant experience. “Owners are leaving their babies with us - of course, it is a worrying and anxiety-filled experience. It can be difficult reassuring clients in these situations.”

The culture

“The VSS Culture is like one big family. Everyone is so lovely and does their best to support each other. I feel so lucky to be part of such a great team.” Ellie also described everyone as approachable and happy to answer questions and give advice. “I feel so privileged to work amongst the most talented veterinarians and nurses in their fields.”


As well as a passion for animals, Ellie has a love of music and spending her spare time outdoors and catching up with friends and family. “I am lucky enough to call the Gold Coast home, so you will find me on the beach in the sunshine whenever I am not working.”


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