Veterinary Nurse

Jasmine Profile

Jasmine is one of our star Jindalee Hospital Veterinary Nurses. She was a general practice nurse for around four years before settling into the role of the specialist nursing team with VSS.

The role

Jasmine is a rotating nurse through our Jindalee hospital surgical departments. “My role involves monitoring anesthetics, teamwork and all the other bits in between. Scheduling and performing patient treatments carefully, making patients more comfortable and getting them home at the end of a hospital or surgical stay is all part of my role.”

She talks about how she is grateful for the support VSS has given her to develop her career, “I have had the chance to apply for a wildlife course through the clinic, which is a personal interest of mine.” She is excited to see what the future holds at VSS career-wise. 

“Seeing patients who are unwell and sad is one of the most challenging aspects of this role. As a pet owner myself, I understand how hard it is to be away from a pet for an extended period. There are so many times I wish I could speak to the pet and let them know they will be going home soon feeling much better than when they arrived!”

The culture

“I love working for VSS. I have never worked with such a compassionate, friendly and welcoming team as I have here at Jindalee. They have given me the most amazing opportunity to expand and grow my nursing skills, have welcomed me with open arms and have let my personality shine through. The team at VSS are more like a family than a team. The laughs are endless, the teamwork is endless, and the compassion and empathy towards patients are like nothing I have ever seen.” 


When Jasmine is not at work, she enjoys downtime at home with her own pets. She has a Central Bearded Dragon named Kaide, a Green-Cheeked Conure named Pepita, and a Staffy named Diesel. She also loves camping, four-wheel driving, drawing, and spending time with family. “I have always grown up surrounded by animals, so I couldn’t wait to own my own pet. A career working with animals has always been something I have dreamt of, and I am finally living my dream at VSS.”



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