Anna  | VSS



The beautiful Kym is our reception team lead, and joined VSS in August 2010. As well as organising, managing and leading our reception team to do the amazing job they do, she also puzzles together all the veterinarian rostering (much like herding cats really! :). She was previously a receptionist for a human dermatologist, but luckily for us we managed to convince her to work with animals, which is much more fun (although you could say we are biased on that front). 

The most challenging part of Kym’s role is trying to keep everyone happy with rosters. Rosters, as we know, can be such a mammoth puzzle, and need constant revision and problem solving. We don’t know how she manages it, but Kym stays calm (on the outside at least) and she keeps everyone happy with her magic. 

Kym describes the VSS culture as ‘like family’. “Especially when you have been here for 11 years and you’ve got staff around you that have been here even longer. We look out for each other.” 

Kym is also a wife and mother of two human children Harrison and Amelia and a foxy called Nacho. They love camping, the beach and exploring new destinations. We are so lucky to have Kym as part of our VSS team.