Natalie graduated from the University of Queensland, in 2013, with a Bachelor of Applied Science Veterinary Technology. From this time, she delved right into the deep end, as an Intensive Care &  Medicine Nurse at a specialist hospital on Brisbane's northside. It was there that she developed a passion for Intensive Care, and in 2016, joined the Pet Intensive Care Unit, at Underwood.

After a couple of years of developing advanced critical nursing skills, including ventilation, and transfusion medicine, Natalie decided to further expand her skill levels and joined VSS as a rotating nurse in 2019.

Through VSS, she has been able to rotate through various departments including medicine, surgery, cardiology and ophthalmology. Ultimately, her passion lies within the feline sector, and her next adventure will be joining the Cat Specialist Services in the near future, and obtaining her Veterinary Nurse Speciality in Clinical Practice Feline.

Natalie's areas of interest include feline nursing, critical care, oncology, nutrition and mentoring.


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