Veterinary Nurse

Nhi Profile

Nhi is one of our full-time Veterinary Nurses. She started in general practice as a trainee nurse, then completed her nursing qualification and started with Veterinary Specialist Services soon after this. 

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with animals. I absolutely love being a veterinary nurse, and it is what I see myself doing for a very long time.”

The role

Nhi is a rotating nurse, so she rotates between general nursing within the main hospital and the surgical department. “I have a thirst for knowledge about anything veterinary and all the different diseases and conditions, how they are diagnosed, how they affect our patients and finally how we might best develop the plan for the provision of the best treatment and care.” 

Nhi described the most challenging aspect of the role as when things are hectic and when it feels there is a lot to learn, and she is researching and asking lots of questions. 

She likes the fact she can learn on the job and that VSS has all the state of the art equipment such as ultrasound, MRI, radiology, fluoroscopy and fully-equipped surgical suites. “With the supportive team behind me and our diagnostic equipment, I can further develop my veterinary knowledge with ease.”

The culture

Nhi thinks the culture at VSS is highly dynamic, with all staff being very talented, supportive, positive and like a “second family.” 

“VSS has given me opportunities to learn and grow as a veterinary nurse. I am never put in situations where I feel uncomfortable.”


Nhi has a cat called Taro, with whom she loves to play hide and seek. She enjoys a wide variety of other hobbies and activities like camping, photography, baking, rollerblading, skateboarding, soccer and fishing. 



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