Veterinary Nurse

Taylor Profile

Taylor is one of a kind and one of VSS’ most caring and talented nurses. Every day she leaves her best mate, Toby, a Labrador X Golden Retriever, to come and care for our client’s best mates.

The role

Taylor works closely with our cardiology department, which involves helping with echocardiograms and radiographs for patients with cardiac disease. 

The rest of her time is spent in the main hospital as a hospital nurse, caring for animals during recovery from anesthesia and nursing them through their hospital stay. 

Taylor finds critical emergencies with sad endings the most challenging from an emotional perspective but likes that all the nurses support each other through these difficult parts of the role. 

The culture

Taylor described the culture as “amazing, supportive and everyone is always there to lend a helping hand or answer any questions you have”.

“I have learnt so much at VSS. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new. I also love that we have log books so that every year we can be sure to expand our knowledge and performance within the job.”


Taylor is an outdoorsy individual that loves to spend time on the road and camping. She has a green thumb when she’s at home, spending her time being obsessed with growing and keeping plants.



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