Our Veterinary Specialist Services nursing team demonstrates how to apply a transdermal medication. Transdermal medications are absorbed through the skin and can provide a simple alternative to oral or injectable medications. They usually need to be compounded by a veterinary compounding pharmacy. 

How to administer transdermal medication to dogs

Depending on advice from your VSS specialist or your vet, you may need to administer transdermal medication to your pet.

What you need to administer a transdermal medication:

  • The label with the required dose information
  • Your syringe with medication
  • Gloves

Steps to apply transdermal medication:

  1. Read and measure the required dosage of medication for your pet
  2. Take the cap off your syringe
  3. Apply the medication to your finger 
  4. Find a place on your pet with little or no hair (often the outer part of inside your pet’s ear), then rub the medication to the skin by rubbing it in.

After applying transdermal medication:

Dispose of your gloves, replace your syringe cap, and put it away according to your provided storage directions.

It’s important to keep other pets and children away from the medicated area for at least 30 minutes after applying a transdermal medication. 

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