Dr Vicki Liddle, one of our Veterinary Specialist Services is ophthalmology, and she demonstrates how to clean your pet's eyes safely, removing the crust and other discharge.

How to clean your pet's eyes

What you need to clean your dog’s eyes:

  • An item or cloth such as round makeup wipes, cotton wool balls or gauze swabs. 

  • Slightly warm tap or still water, or sterile saline

Steps to clean your dog’s eyes

  1. Dampen your cloth using slightly warm water or saline

  2. Hold your cloth directly over your dog’s closed eyelids

  3. It's important to work away from your pet's eyes. So gently wipe along the surface of their eyelids, working outwards from their nose to their ears.

Your pet will instinctively blink and hold their eyes shut for the cleaning process.

For firm crusts and discharges that are stuck: hold your warm cloth on the area for a longer period of time, until the crust softens and becomes unstuck.

You can lightly scrape away remaining discharges that are far enough away from your pet's eyes using a cotton swab or cotton bud.

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