It can sometimes be difficult collecting a urine sample from your dog. In this video, our head veterinary nurse and practice manager, Anita Parkin, demonstrates how to collect a urine sample for urine analysis.

How to collect a urine sample from your dog:

  1. Have a sterile container ready. Any container is fine as long as you've washed it thoroughly using soap and rinsed it. It needs to be completely dry when you use it.
  2. The most accurate results will be provided from the first urination of the day so it's a good idea to take your pet out for a walk first thing to collect the urine.
  3. When your pet goes to urinate, hold your container beneath them and collect the urine.

  4. Transfer the urine into the container provided by your vet and seal it shut.

  5. Ideally, your vet would like the jar to be at least half full.

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