In this video, our Veterinary Specialist Services nursing team demonstrates how to express a bladder.

Bladder expression is most commonly required after severe spinal injury. Some patients require long-term bladder expression, so hospitalisation may not be feasible. In these situations, pet owners can be easily trained to perform bladder expression at home.

How to express a bladder

Steps to express your dog's bladder

  1. Forming your hand into a U-shape with your thumb opposing your fingers, feel around your pet’s lower abdomen for a balloon-shaped bump (which should be your pet’s bladder).

  2. Once you feel like you have a decent grip or hold of the area, apply firm pressure until a steady stream is released.

For larger dogs

  1. Lay your pet on its side then put your hands on opposite sides of your dog around its lower abdomen area.

  2. Feel around the area by rolling your hands back and forth until you feel the balloon-shaped area (which is its bladder). 

  3. Once you have a firm grip on the area, firmly press down until a steady stream is released.

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