In this video Natalie from the Veterinary Specialist Services nursing team explains how to create a feeding tube solution from Royal Canin Recovery and Ensure. 

How to create a feeding tube solution

What you'll need:

  • Medium-sized container to mix in

  • Wet foods recommended by the vet 

  • 20ml plain water

  • Blender or food processor (stick blender preferable)

What food to use for esophageal feeding:

Nathalie uses a combination of Royal Canin Recovery and Insure canned wet food with water in this tutorial, specifically:

  • One (size) tin of Royal Canin Recovery

  • 80ml of Insure

  • 20ml of plain water

Note that every pet is different and may have different dietary recommendations from their vet. Make sure to contact your VSS specialist for personal food recommendations for your pet.

How to make food or slurry for esophageal feeding:

  1. Add all of your ingredients into the container

  2. Use your stick blender to mix until you reach a thin consistency (this should only take a few seconds)

You can also use a blender by simply adding the ingredients together and mixing them to the same consistency.

To feed your pet your slurry:

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