In this video, Natalie from the Veterinary Specialist Services nursing team demonstrates how to remove a light dressing from a wound in a pain-free manner.

How to remove a light dressing from your pet

Why your pet has a light dressing following their surgery

Light dressings are common for pets as they come home from surgeries. They help to encourage healing by protecting the wound from outside elements and infections, as well as preventing your pet from licking at the area.

When to remove a dressing following a pet surgery

Light dressings are best left on for a few days following your pet’s surgery to make sure the wound has properly started to heal. It’s best that you keep your pet’s light dressing on the wound for two to three days before removal.

How to remove a light dressing from a pet

To remove the dressing, simply find or create a loose edge and peel it off your pet’s skin. 

Like taking a band-aid off, there will be minor discomfort for your pet as you remove the dressing.

You can lessen the pain or make it easier for your pet by using baby oil. Simply soften the dressing by applying the baby oil to the dressing, then the dressing can be removed softly and painlessly. 

Disposal of the dressing

Dispose of the dressing immediately after removal and thoroughly wash your hands.

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