This policy intends to set the general principles of invoicing for work at VSS.  VSS provides high level clinical care to patients of the practice.  The style of the practice is to allow freedom of approach for clinicians to their cases.  VSS needs to consider delivery of clinical medicine in balance with other aspects of progressing the organisation.  A key area is to deliver consistent invoicing for the same work performed, which requires clear communication and follow up of invoicing for service activities.  This series of documents aims to identify the expected invoicing habits.


The invoicing plan will follow a series of general principles where possible

  • Time spent by clinical teams working with patients should be recognised in a consistent way.  
  • Medications, disposable or consumable items, laboratory services and external advice should be invoiced directly.  
  • Clients should be provided with an itemised estimate for expected treatment, and updated if a material variation is expected in a timely manner. 
  • If the final financial account is less than the total invoiced amount for work performed, then the full amount should be visible on the invoice with a discount line applied to demonstrate the difference.
  • Invoicing should be allocated to the clinician who is primarily managing the case on the relevant day.  This is identified by examination and assessment of the patient, communication with the owner, medical record generation and oversight of the patient management plan.  
  • VSS will endeavour to document expected invoicing methods.
  • VSS will endeavour to provide efficient methods of estimate and invoice generation and support client communications if required.

Supporting Documents

  • Consultation invoicing schedule
  • Anaesthesia, sedation and analgesia invoicing schedule
  • Diagnostic imaging invoicing schedule
  • Hospitalisation invoicing schedule
  • Medication, disposable and implant invoicing schedule
  • Time estimation for procedures schedule/Spreadsheet

Effective date - 13 February 2023