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Cardiology Update re services during COVID-19

Posted by VSS on 1 April 2020

Update as of 7 Apr 2020: Dr Fiona Meyers and Dr Chris Lam will transfer to the Carrara practice following a short break. This means that from after the Easter break (23 April 2020), Cardiology will be available at Carrara and Underwood, with the cardiology services working within VSS teams on site and their rotations. Dr Brad Gavaghan will continue to offer cardiology services through the Underwood practice. The cardiology team will also have a telemedicine consultation service available - please contact any of the VSS practices if you would like to arrange this for your patients.

Please click on this link and print out for your clinic to be used as a guide to how best provide safe referral cardiology care to your clients and their pets during these challenging times.

We hope you are all healthy and are as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cardiology Service at VSS is currently only available at Underwood and Jindalee due to the VSS scheduling requirements to create a safe work environment and to allow the best opportunity for VSS to remain open during the pandemic. The scheduling precludes inter-hospital movement of staff and consultants.

VSS Jindalee: Most importantly, VSS Jindalee will offer cardiology services with Dr Fiona Meyers and Dr Chris Lam (cardiology resident) 5 days a week. They will both be present 4 days per week and Dr Fiona Meyers will also be available on the remaining weekday if emergencies are referred. This represents a marked increase in referral opportunities for cardiology patients given this hospital previously offered cardiology services one day per fortnight.      

VSS Underwood: Dr Brad Gavaghan will be working from Underwood - hours unchanged from previous.

VSS Carrara: No cardiology services available during the COVID-19 period of restrictions. VSS are following the strictest and safest possible COVID-19 precautions, including avoidance of direct contact between staff and clients . We look forward to continuing to offer a caring and safe cardiology service to your clients.  


Telemedicine assistance with case management is expected to become an important component of the services we offer. It is not a substitute for the added benefits of a hands-on referral, but will be an important service for those clients that have concerns and limitations regarding travel to a referral hospital.   

Telemedicine pricing:

Initial consultation: $192.82 (as per current consultation pricing)

This will include provision to the cardiologist the patient history, physical exam findings and any relevant blood test results and radiographs, ECGs where available. A written report will be provided of all interpretations, therapies and ongoing recommendations

Recheck consultation: $87:40. All follow-up interpretations of blood tests, radiographs, ECGs and changes in clinical status will be reviewed with a written report provided

Interpretation of in-house echo assessments: $110

This will be provided as an additional fee on top of the initial consultation fee. We hope that these changes to our service to accommodate the temporary loss of Carrara as a referral site for cardiology will enable high-quality cardiology care to continue for your patients.

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