Medial Patella Luxation (Part 1)

Posted by Abbie Tipler on 14 September 2021
This video, featuring Small Animal Surgeon Dr Abbie Tipler, discusses medial patella luxation aetiology, diagnosis, and grading. The second part of this video discusses MPL treatment options and how to reduce the incidence of complications. ...
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Nursing Different Conditions in Cats

Posted by Natalie Hunt on 7 September 2021
Tips & Tricks: Nursing different conditions in cats - Part 1 & 2 Natalie Hunt (BAppSc - VT)   The Inappetant Cat It is important that cats continue to eat, otherwise they run the risk of hepatic lipidosis and refeeding syndrome. ...
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Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease

Posted by Josh King on 2 September 2021
Dr Josh King, one of the Internal Medical Specialists from our VSS Jindalee Branch, discusses chronic gastro-intestinal disease in dogs. This is a really valuable resource, because we all see patients with chronic diarrhoea and gastrointestinal s...
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Bandaging Tips

Posted by Abbie Tipler on 24 August 2021
Bandaging Techniques for General Practitioners Dr Abbie Tipler ATCL BVSc MANZCVS, VSS Surgical Resident Bandages are applied to protect wounds, absorb exudate, relieve pressure, stabilise (often in conjunction with a splint) or to administer...
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Appropriate Antibiotic Use for Surgical Patients

Posted by Abbie Tipler on 17 August 2021
In this video, Dr Abbie Tipler, Surgeon at VSS Underwood, presents on the appropriate use of antibiotics for your surgical patients. The over-use of antibiotics can actually increase your risk of surgical site infections, so we hope this video...
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