Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

Posted by VSS on 6 October 2023
Laryngeal paralysis is a frequently encountered respiratory condition in dogs characterised by partial to complete failure of abduction of one or both arytenoid cartilages during inspiration resulting in mechanical upper airway obstruction. The in...
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A Refresher on the Neurological Exam

Posted by Wendy Archipow on 19 May 2022
Wendy Archipow, BVSc, MS, DACVS-SA, Specialist in Small Animal Surgery Veterinary Specialist Services, Underwood   Neurological Exam: The neurological exam is made up of six parts: the distance exam, cranial nerve assessment, postural reac...
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Tips and Tricks of Feeding Tubes

Posted by Anita Parkin on 7 April 2022
Anita Parkin RVN, AVN, Dip (Surg & ECC), VTS (Anes & Analgesia), CVPP, TAE Veterinary Specialist Services, Jindalee QLD   Tips and Tricks of Feeding Tubes Nutrition is a very important component of patient management especially in ...
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The Vomiting Patient

Posted by Bruce Mackay on 24 March 2022
      This week, internal medicine specialist Dr Bruce Mackay has prepared a talk on ‘The Vomiting Patient’. We all see vomiting pets frequently, and Dr Mackay talks us through the history we need, the patient asses...
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Osteoarthritis: Conservative Management Options

Posted by Abbie Tipler on 24 February 2022
    VSS surgeon Dr Abbie Tipler covers the conservative management options for osteoarthritis. Like many videos from our Canine Care series, this talk has been made public on YouTube, and we encourage vets to share it with thei...
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