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Investigating neurological symptoms in a Cheetah

Posted by VSS on 9 January 2020

Veterinary Specialist Services has developed relationships with a number of South East Queensland zoo, wildlife and animal rescue charities. VSS has a long standing relationship with the veterinary team at Australia Zoo, and recently we were involved in providing advanced diagnostic tools for one of the Cheetahs.

Dr Philip Moses (Surgery) and Dr Ann Thompson (Internal Medicine) worked with the team at VSS Jindalee and the team from Australia Zoo to investigate some unusual neurological symptoms in the Cheetah. A CT scan of the brain, and cerebrospinal fluid sample were taken, with an ultrasound used to help ensure the sample was taken safely and also to examine the abdomen. 

We were fortunate to have one of our former interns, Dr Barbara Lindsay, who is completing her specialist veterinary neurology training visiting at the time! These advanced diagnostics allow the veterinary team at the Zoo to take the best care of their patients.

The VSS team love being involved with these cases. Most vets, nurses and our reception team are intrigued by these large and beautiful animals as much as the next person and being able to apply our skills to their care is an amazing thing.

Check out some photos of the day below plus a short video here.

Treating a cheetah at Veterinary Specialist Services

Treating a cheetah at Veterinary Specialist Services

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