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Lilah and Pyothorax

Posted by VSS on 14 July 2021
Lilah and Pyothorax

Meet Lilah!

Lilah presented to us with 'Pyothorax', which is the presence of inflammatory fluid (or puss) within the chest cavity. 'Pyothorax' is usually caused by a bacterial infection, which in Lilah's case was a 'Pasteurella Infection', likely caused by inhaling bacteria from her mouth.

Lilah had a chest drain placed to drain as much pus and fluid as possible and will need at least 6 weeks on antibiotics these infections can be life threatening but with treatment she should make a full recovery!

Lilah was discharged and will be back to visit us for a check up on her progress and some cuddles in the coming weeks!

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Lilah and Pyothorax  Lilah and Pyothorax

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