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Resources Relating to Coronavirus With Regard to Dogs and Cats

Posted by David Cook on 3 March 2020

There is a large amount of information in the press around the current COVID-19 Coronavirus situation. There is little knowledge available as to the behaviour of and effects on dogs and cats caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The aim of this page is to provide a list of information sources that pet owners and veterinarians can access to receive up to date information. If you have knowledge of a resource that would be useful, please email us at vss@vss.net.au and we can consider adding it to the list.


  • Worms and Germs Blog: (www.wormsandgermsblog.com). This blog is written by the University of Guelph (Canada) Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses. Dr Scott Weese from the University of Guelph is a leading academic in veterinary infectious diseases. You can subscribe to this blog for continued updates.



  • Australian Veterinary Association: The AVA has a web page that contains various advice, updated and fact sheets relating to COVID-19 and the potential impact on pets and veterinarians.

  • American Veterinary Medical Association:What you need to know about Corona Virus. This blog page contains up to date information and links to information from the WHO, CDC (US Govt agency Centre for Disease control and prevention) and others. It has a North American focus.
  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association: WSAVA advisory document published 29 February 2020. Contains information across a variety of aspects of Coronavirus and the interaction between pets, their families and their treating veterinarians.



Links below are to Australian and Queensland Government pages listing current advice and status of the disease in Australia and Queensland (human population health, no veterinary advice).

Author:David Cook