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Storm the Border Collie's Cataract Surgery

Posted by VSS on 31 May 2021
Storm the Border Collie's Cataract Surgery

Meet Storm, a gorgeous Border Collie with heterochromic eyes (aka two-toned irises).

He has diabetes and because of this he suddenly developed cataracts in both eyes, severely reducing his vision. He visited Dr Vicki, one of the ophthalmologists at VSS Jindalee, and recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. The surgery was a success and his vision was restored. His mum took him home the day after surgery and had the difficult job of keeping him quiet for two weeks while he healed- the happy boy wanted to return to chasing balls immediately!

Cataracts are a common consequence of diabetes in dogs - in fact, 50% of diabetic dogs will develop cataracts within 6 months of their initial diagnosis. By 16 months from diagnosis, 80% of diabetic dogs will have cataracts. This occurs in dogs (and not in other species) because the canine lens has high levels of an enzyme that converts sugar to sorbitol. The increased circulating sugars with diabetes causes excess sorbitol production in the lens, leads to rapid influx of water and cataract development.

Cataract surgery can be very successful in diabetic patients and cataracts do not regrow once surgery is performed.

We are delighted to have been a part of Storm's journey and are looking forward to catching up with him soon at his next post operative checkup. Well done Storm!

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Storm and cataract surgery Storm and cataract surgery

Storm and cataract surgery Storm and cataract surgery 

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