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Urgent Case Management at VSS

Posted by VSS on 3 August 2021

The Covid pandemic accelerated changes in small animal practice over the last year or so. One of the changes we have observed at VSS is an increase in urgent referrals.

To ensure that we continue to offer the best possible care for these cases, we have expanded our teams to include dedicated staff veterinarians to assist with initial triage, management and communication involving urgent cases or transfers from the Animal Emergency Service.

This allows triage and improved time management for our Specialist teams to provide advice, diagnostics and therapeutics for these patients in our multi disciplinary environment which will lead to a better care outcome for the patients, their families and an improved service for our valued referring veterinarians.

During the current lockdown we will continue to operate as normal, with some variations to client access depending on prevailing circumstances. These access changes may vary between sites.

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