Dr Briannan-Kym Kane from the Veterinary Specialist Services internal medicine team demonstrates how to apply a Libre Sensor to a patient. Libre Sensors are used to monitor a pet's glucose levels, to help keep their diabetes under control. 

How to apply a Libre Sensor

What you'll need:

  • Your Freestyle Libre Sensor (as well as other contents from the packaging like alcohol wipes and the applicator)

  • Clippers to trim your pet’s fur

  • A strong adhesive like super glue

Where to place a Libre Sensor on a dog

The positioning of a Libre Sensor is patient dependent.

Your veterinarian expert will recommend the best place for your pet. Usually, Libre Sensors are placed on the neck of the patient or over the shoulder as they can be easily secured with bandages.

Steps to apply a Libre Sensor

  1. Locate where the Libre Sensor will be placed.

  2. Using your clippers, trim your pet’s fur around the area you will be placing the sensor (the size of the site will depend on the size of the sensor you’re provided with. You can compare the area to the size of your applicator to be sure).

  3. Prepare the area by cleaning the skin and clearing it of dirt and loose fur. Then, use the provided alcohol wipe to sterilise the area.

  4. Make sure the skin is dry, then prepare your Libre Sensor by loading the sensor onto the insertion device.

  5. Put a very small amount (a few drops) of your adhesive around the disc (2mm in diameter). 

  6. Hold your pet steady, then hold the applicator up to the area and insert the device by clicking it down (the noise can startle pets, so hold them and comfort them to avoid injury or misplacement).

  7. Remove the applicator by gently twisting and removing it. Ensure that the sensor is attached to your pet and secure.

  8. Turn on your reader and select “Start a new Sensor”, then wave it over the applied sensor until you hear a notification noise (usually a beep).

It will take 60 minutes for the sensor to link, and after that, it will be ready to scan and read the results. 

You can scan the results as often as you like. We usually recommend reading patient results at least twice a day to pull data from the sensor before administering insulin (to make sure it’s appropriate to give).

Bandaging a Libre Sensor

If your pet is uncomfortable with its sensor and tries to scratch at or remove it, you might need to bandage it.

For bandaging tips, check out other tutorials in our Canine Care series. And for more specific advice, contact VSS.

Downloading and saving information from your Libre Sensor

To download and save data from your Libre Sensor, watch and read Downloading Freestyle Information.

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