Frequently Asked Questions

What is GapOnly™?

GapOnly™ is working with vets, for pets to deliver a simpler pet insurance claims experience for their clients.

GapOnly™ enables same-day claims processing in-clinic, meaning pet owners can claim on the spot and only pay the gap (the difference between our invoice and what's covered under their insurance policy).

Read more about GapOnly™ and our services.

Does Veterinary Specialist Services offer GapOnly™?

Yes, VSS is an eligible service. You can read more about it on our GapOnly™ page.

How long does a GapOnly™ claim take at VSS?

An in-clinic GapOnly™ claim will take around 10 minutes to process. If we think the claim will take a little longer we'll let the vet clinic staff know as soon as possible so you can decide whether you'd like to wait, or if available, submit an electronic pet insurance claim instead.

To help speed up this process, please let your vet know as early as possible that you'd like to make a GapOnly™ claim, either when you first book the appointment, or when you first arrive at the clinic. This will help us minimise any possible delays.

For a list of our latest GapOnly™ pet insurance partners, click this link.

Can I use GapOnly™ for all vet treatment costs?

GapOnly™ works in partnership with Veterinary Specialist Services along with many other vets. If your vet and pet insurer is GapOnly™ enabled, you can use GapOnly™ for all eligible vet invoices covered by your pet insurance policy.

Can my GapOnly™ claim be processed before I pick up my pet?

Yes, let us know that you're with a GapOnly™ insurer as soon as you can so that you won't have to wait for your claim to be processed when you pick up your pet.

If you forget to let us know prior to treatment, don't worry, you can always request an on-the-spot GapOnly™ claim in-clinic when you pick up your pet.

Can I check whether my insurance will cover my pet's treatment before I submit a GapOnly™ claim?

If your pet has an upcoming surgery or scheduled hospital visit and you'd like to know whether your pet insurance policy covers the procedure, you can request a pre-approval from VSS.

To request a pre-approval, simply fill in your booking form and ask us for the information that you're after.

My referring vet wasn't a GapOnly™ partner, can I still use GapOnly™ for Veterinary Specialist Services?

If you're insured with a GapOnly™ insurance provider, and your referring vet isn't, if you let us know, we can still process your charges from VSS through GapOnly.

If your GapOnly™ question wasn't here

If your question isn't listed, read more about GapOnly™ with VSS, or talk to a member of the Veterinary Specialist Services team. 

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