Veterinary Specialist Internship - All Locations

Are you a new or recent graduate who would like to gain more knowledge and experience to improve your skills?

Do you want to further your career whether it is in general practice or an advanced and specialist small animal practice?

Do you like the challenge of a busy environment with complex cases and dedicated owners?

The Opportunity

Choosing to undertake an internship is an important step in many veterinary careers. The opportunity to learn best practice and be exposed to a wide range of clinical approaches can be immensely beneficial for both recent graduates and more experienced veterinarians.

Our mission is to support our people to deliver the best outcomes for patients, their families and referring practices. Our established internship consists of a 12 month program rotating through the referral services including Surgery and Internal Medicine.

About Us

Veterinary Specialist Services is an established Small Animal referral practice in South East Queensland. We have hospitals at Carrara, Jindalee, and Underwood. The applicant can choose where they would prefer to be placed. We are striving to create an environment where people can do their best work. 

We have many things to work on to get there, but we are adapting as fast as possible. Our teams are very passionate about delivering patient care and support each other to do it. We have a very diverse skill set and can offer just about all specialities, diagnostic modalities, and therapies across our practice group. 

We have residency training programs for vets, in house training programs for nurses and internships where many of our interns have progressed to become registered Specialists. We are involved in the industry with wide participation in professional groups, universities, continuing education courses and we run our own annual conference.

What we are looking for

  • A person who will be a genuine team player in a large team. This means different personalities, work styles and methods, but with the same ultimate goal.
  • A person who wants to develop themselves and their clinical skills and can do so knowing experienced team members are available.
  • A person who understands that we all have a role to play, and that the ultimate outcome is to deliver the best possible care for our patients, our clients and our referring veterinarians.
  • A person who is genuinely adaptable we've been through a lot of change over the last 12 months and foresee ongoing change and adaptation to improve our workplace.
  • A person who understands that when a patient needs us, we will do our utmost to be there and give it the care it needs.

Why we hope you'll want to join us

  • We practice genuine multidisciplinary medicine at the Specialist level. We offer most treatments, but we consider everything through the lens of our training programs and experience.
  • We have a history of training people with our interns enjoying success in general practice, academic practice, achieving specialist registration or practice ownership.
  • We are evolving the company with a focus on people, their careers and their development. This is a work in progress, but we want the right people along for the journey.
  • We listen and try to respond to our people's needs. We don't always get it right, but we will keep trying. We are owned and run by veterinarians who work on the floor at each of our practices.
  • We offer a second year surgical and internal medicine internship. This senior intern role will provide mentorship to 1st year interns and may lead to a future residency program with VSS.

Why you might not want to join us

  • Our internship involves a graduated increase in responsibility and client interaction.  Interns at VSS don't have full case responsibility.
  • Our case load is high, unpredictable and complex. This brings its stressors as our clients are very devoted. They are just about always very grateful for the work we do, but they are with us to get the care they need and really want to see that delivered in a compassionate and professional way.
  • There is a high rate of change in the organisation at the moment. We are making changes to procedures, protocols and staffing levels. These are all with the intent of improving our environment, but some changes take time to progress through into reality and adaption is required.


  • Remuneration is in accordance with the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award.
  • A 4-day working week and 20 days annual leave are on a fixed term 12 month offer.


Please either submit your CV and a covering letter via the form below or contact Jennine Bennett (HR Administrator - phone 3841 7011) if you'd like any more information. We've got the policies and support programs you'd expect from a larger practice. You can check out our website or let us know if you'd like to talk to one of our team members for some unbiased feedback on how things are in the clinic. We recently asked our nurses what it was like to work at VSS you can find what they say here.



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